It's Finally Here ....... in PA and for us
No longer just for the medical spas and specialty therapy arenas,  Cold Laser Center of PA redefines alternative therapy and brings self directed laser sessions to the local community. Governed by proven protocols and experienced technicians, we participate in a program of our choice and are in control of enhancing our own vitality and lifestyles!
The CLCPA offers cold laser sessions that accommodate our time and place!
From the pack a day smoker to the marathon runner, thrive and relax in a new way!


The cold laser has become an integral tool in the maintenance and rehabilitation of our players. 

Nick Kenney, Head Athletic Trainer
Kansas City Royals


I had an arthritis problem in my back and left shoulder. I like to do gardening that had become very painful to do. I was teated 16 times with very good results. I will come back if I have more problems. I also feel the whole treatment program was helpful to my circulation. I am regularly gardening again with little or no pain.
Hand/Finger Pain Healed

Before laser therapy I was unable to make a fist with my right hand. I can now touch the pinky, ring and index finger to the palm of my hand, the middle finger is almost there. Pain Level 6 on a cold 40F day, pain level after therapy 3
(9 sessions) 
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